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Ghosts in Every House (tm) is the newsletter for anyone interested in ghost hunting, spirit hauntings, and the paranormal.  Unlike flowery websites and publications that gush about the seemingly never-ending virtues and wonders of huntings ghosts,  Ghosts in Every House tells it like it really is -- the good, the bad, and the important things in-between.

In each issue we examine a fascinating and timely array of topics ranging from the search for ghosts and spirits to the the best ghost hunting gear; from identifying and dealing with hauntings to how to identify orbs, vortices, mists, and other paranormal manifestations; from vendor reviews to commentaries on the best tools; and from legal issues to stories that will stir your imagination and tickle your fancy.  We'll discuss how to avoid common pitfalls, take lessons from the mistakes of others and generally provide a unique inside look at the world of ghost hunting from a paranormal investigator's point of view.

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